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Interview with Ch. Khurelbaatar, Mongolian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Development, on projects under the New Revival Policy aimed at accelerating Mongolia’s long-term and medium-term economic development and the state of the economy in 2024. 
The Government of Mongolia is committed to increasing foreign investment and submitted a draft Investment Law to Parliament last June
The draft resolution on declaring the current year as the Year of Regional Development Support was discussed and approved at a regular Cabinet meeting on 27 December 2023. During the break in the 2023 autumn session of the Parliament, officials were instructed to organize meetings and discussions to explain policies and regulations on regional development to the public. 
AUSTRALIA’S NATIONAL DAY CELEBRATED IN MONGOLIA  Ulaanbaatar. Australia Day is the official National Day of Australia. Celebrated annually on the 26th of January it symbolises an Australia that reflects the nation’s diversity. For Australians at home and abroad, it is a day to celebrate coming together and connecting with family, friends, and community to 'Reflect. Respect. Celebrate'.
Build Mongolia 2023 Construction, Infrastructure, And Mining Technology Expo will be held on April 19-21 At Steppe Arena Over 100 of the best companies in the industry will be participating in the expo, showcasing their products and services. Ten countries will be represented by companies such as Alternativa LLC, Magna Tires Singapore Pte Ltd, Amperetex from Russia, Zhengzhou Vanguard Machinery Tech Co., Ltd, and Jiangsu Kingertai New Material Technology Co., Ltd from China. The exhibition will also feature the leading international organizations in the field, presenting their products and services through the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Mongolia and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland to Mongolia.
TS. BYAMBATSEREN: THE ALTAN TSAGAAN OVOO PROJECT IS PLANNED TO CONTINUE UNTIL 2036 Steppe Gold participated in the Eastern conference “Responsible Mining” organized by the National Mining Association of Mongolia. How is responsible mining developing in the Eastern region, especially in Dornod aimag where you work
RESPONSIBLE MINING, THE OBJECTIVE OF THE MERIT PROJECT The effective and sustainable management of Mongolia’s natural resources are essential to ensuring the realization of the Government’s goal of inclusive economic