Эрдсийг эрдэнэст
Ирээдүйг өндөр хөгжилд
Mining The Resources
Minding the future



G. Iderkhangai

Mongolia’s mining industry is celebrating its centenary. 25 December each year is a day for celebration for the mining industry and miners. Following the victory of the People’s Revolution and the establishment of a new government, the country’s leaders, declared that underground resources were “the property of all the people”. They appointed a government representative to Nalaikh who announced that the mine had become a “state enterprise” on that historic day. Subsequently, the leaders of the National Congress of the Mongolian People’s Republic (MPR) issued a decree about celebrating 25 December as the “Day of Mongolian miners” and D. Davaajav, of the Nalaikh mine, was awarded the title of the first Labor Hero of Mongolia in 1957. That is how this day became a day making respect and celebrating many generations of miners. The successes and failures of the mining industry over the past century cannot be fully described in a page or even in dozens of books. Nevertheless, we have published an overview of 100 years of history and how the industry has come such a long way. You will read the views of industry experts on the last 100 years of development and how the mining industry could evolve over the next century. We cannot help but mention that mining was not only the foundation of Mongolia’s industrialization in the last century, but also created modern cities such as Erdenet, Darkhan, Baganuur and Bor-Undur. It has become the backbone of our socioeconomic development.

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