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A coal-chemical complex will be built based on the Baganuur deposit


S. Narantsogt, CEO of Erdenes Mongol LLC, attended the spring meeting of all employees at Baganuur JSC, a subsidiary of Erdenes Mongol.

He said, "The Baganuur mine is strategically important as it supplies 52% of the coal for the central power network. In 2023, the company paid off its accumulated debts and carried out biological rehabilitation. Although it is performing well, there are still issues to address. The government-mandated coal price leads to annual losses, exacerbating our debts. Therefore, we need to tackle this problem by deregulating energy prices. At the very least, the company should cover its basic costs and operate without incurring losses."

Additionally, the CEO stated, "Erdenes Mongol LLC has developed and approved its medium-term strategic plan for 2024-2028. Baganuur JSC is one of our strategic resources. As part of this plan, we aim to establish a coal-chemical complex to leverage our resources for producing value-added products. During our visit, we evaluated existing infrastructure such as water supply, electricity, and heating systems. Based on our assessment, we are confident that our planned activities can be swiftly implemented.”