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Oyu Tolgoi Donates Advanced Equipment Worth MNT 1.5 Billion to the Forestry Department


On June 7, Oyu Tolgoi company donated vital equipment valued at MNT1.5 billion to the Forestry Department, Government Implementing Agency, to boost the capacity of long-established tree nurseries. The donating equipment includes 10 sets of equipment including tractors, furrow plough, rotary tiller, auger, landscaping, agricultural trailer, soil potting machine, and seeder.

B.Usukhbayar, Senior Specialist in Charge of Afforestation and Restoration of Forestry Department, Government Implementing Agency

This activity is jointly organized by the Oyu Tolgoi company, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, and the Forestry Department.

What problems can be solved by having these equipment in tree nurseries?

In Mongolia, there are 345 nurseries, with over 100 of them operating stably. The state doesn't directly acquire this equipment, but instead initiates a selection process. It identifies projects requiring equipment support and allocates the resources to professional tree nurseries. In addition, in order to deal with the care and protection of the planted trees, contracts are being made that the trees will be grown for five years and handed over to the state forest fund when they are able to live independently.

J.Bayarzaya, the consultant responsible for legal compliance in the Health, Safety, and Environment Department of Oyu Tolgoi company

What is special about today's event? What measures is Oyu Tolgoi taking in the field of tree breeding?

In October 2021, Oyu Tolgoi signed a Memorandum of Understanding to implement the 100 million trees program under the framework of the "Billion Trees" national movement initiated by the President of Mongolia. Within this scope, 63.5 million trees and bushes will be planted, and funds equivalent to 40 million trees, based on the “Cost Norms for Reforestation and Forestry Activities” standard, will be provided. This investment is allocated across three main areas: firstly, in research to import valuable expertise and technology from foreign countries; secondly, in personnel training; and thirdly, in building sustainable tree nurseries.

A total of 8 types of equipment, each comprising 10 units, or a total of 80 units, are being supplied. Consequently, tree nurseries that have been operating steadily for the past 5 years are selected and given the equipment. Using this equipment will reduce manual labor and enhance labor productivity.

When the "Billion Trees" movement first started, the stock of saplings was 10 million, but in the last 2 years, it has increased to 60 million. 

Oyu Tolgoi has its own nursery. What are its features?

Our tree nursery is located in the Khanbogd soum of Umnugobi aimag. It's not just a tree nursery; it's a natural plant nursery. Our goal is to conduct restoration using local plants as part of our biodiversity policy. Initially, it was established to cultivate local Gobi native plants, including rare and extremely rare species listed in the Red Book. With the start of the 'Billion Trees' movement, we expanded our activities and transformed it into a Gobi plant nursery. We cultivate and research not only woody plants but also a variety of other plants such as grasses and shrubs.

We are experimenting with tissue culture methods in addition to using seeds and cuttings. We are working in cooperation with the Institute of Biotechnology under the Mongolian Academy of Sciences for other aspects of planting seedlings.

What is your capacity to grow seedlings?

It has the capacity to grow about 1.5 million seedlings per year. Oyu Tolgoi company plans to increase production of seeds. and establish a laboratory. Consequently, the capacity is expected to expand. The company's experts emphasized that Oyu Tolgoi strives to create safe and accident-free workplaces and set new standards for environmental protection.