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N. Byambasuren: Our main goal is to support customers through our products and services

The upcoming "Mongolia Mining 2023" international mining and oil expo, now in its 12th year, is set to gather the premier companies from Mongolia's thriving mining sector. In an insightful discussion, I had the privilege of speaking with N. Byambasuren, CEO of Mines Up LLC, silver sponsor of the expo. Mines Up LLC is set to contribute its expertise and innovation to the industry showcase.

Mines Up LLC is participating as a silver sponsor of the “Mongolia Mining” exhibition. How do you perceive the significance and extent of this exhibition?

Answer: We are honored to join the 12th Annual Mongolian Mining Exhibition as a Silver Sponsor. Our gratitude goes out to the event organizers for facilitating a platform where international mining companies can foster information exchange, explore collaborative possibilities, and showcase innovative products and services to industry enthusiasts and representatives. We hope that this would also provide a good opportunity for more business partners to understand TotalEnergies’ expertise and product solutions for the mining sector.

What remarkable and pioneering products does your company intend to unveil at this year's exhibition?

Answer: Certainly, let's begin with an introduction to Mines Up LLC. We've been proudly representing TotalEnergies, a leading lubricants supplier in the global energy market, since 2013, distributing top-tier lubricants in Mongolia. Our clients include Oyu Tolgoi, Thiess Mongolia, Thiess Khishig Arvin, Erdenet Industry state-owned factory, Baganuur Co., Ltd., Sausgobi Sands, Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi, Energy Resources, GCR Mongolia, and Top Equipment and more, with TotalEnergies supplying a substantial 84% of Oyu Tolgoi's lubrication products.

Recently, we introduced COOLELF AUTO SUPRA -50°C coolant, tailored for Mongolia's extreme climate. This coolant remains liquid even at chilling temperatures as -50°C, a significant asset for our country's frigid winter conditions. Furthermore, it's eco-friendly and safe for human use.

Another highlight is the Rubia Works series. TotalEnergies Rubia Works series offers a set of comprehensive engine solution with over 200 approvals from heavy-duty equipment manufacturers. Tests on the CATERPILLAR C13 engine have shown that when Rubia Works 1000 15W-40 is used, nearly 50% less oil is required compared with the benchmark lubricant – evidence of its maximum engine protection. In addition, we would be glad to work with customers looking forward to extended oil drain intervals via this product with cost savings benefits.

With the expansion of Oyu Tolgoi's underground mine, we have provided crucial fire-resistant lubricant i.e. HYDRANSAFE HFDU 68, ADBLUE fuel additive for NOx reduction and TotalEnergies RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 for carbon emission reduction. We have given customers the security of supply via our 1400 m2 warehouse at Erchim Concern and with our new warehouse in Umnogobi, we can serve South Gobi’s customers better.

On the service front, we've revolutionized logistics in Mongolia by introducing bulk delivery in ISO tanks (23,000 L), a trendsetter in the last decade. Moreover, we offer post-sales services including technical support, continuous training, and access to TotalEnergies LubAnac's international database. With TotalEnergies mining experts continuous support, we do provide valuable cost savings and good lubrication practices recommendation to all customers.

Could you share the latest updates on Mines Up LLC's initiatives with potential clients? Many leading global brands are imported through your official distribution. Could you elaborate?

Answer: Undoubtedly, our prime focus is to support our clients through our diversified products and services. Our strength lies in providing a holistic package—from mining equipment and essential lubrication to maintenance, spare parts, and training programs, all under one roof.

With a customs-guaranteed warehouse in Ulaanbaatar holding up to 1 million liters of lubricants, we're dedicated to enhancing accessibility and convenience for our customers. As part of our expansion plan, a new branch with a 1 million-liter lubricants storage capacity will soon open in Umnugobi province this October.

Our association as an official distributor for the Liebherr brand obliges us to undergo the "Liebherr Mining Service Excellence" evaluation, a benchmark we've successfully enhanced for Repair Services and Spare Parts Services in September 2023.

In addition to the mining sector's TotalEnergies and Liebherr brands, Mines Up has also ventured into the construction domain, supplying underground mining ventilation equipment from ClemCorp, Australia, and elevators and escalators from the Swiss multinational, Schindler. 

With over a decade's experience in the mining industry, what's your perspective on Mongolia's industrial development and technological advancements, as well as global trends?

Answer: The mining sector on a global scale is taking decisive steps to address climate change concerns. Mines Up ensuring occupational safety, optimizing cost-efficiency, and implementing adaptable maintenance strategies. A pivotal achievement within this journey is our provision of eco-conscious mining hydraulic excavators and dumpers that align seamlessly with Liebherr's core values.

The resolute commitment of the worldwide mining industry to curbing greenhouse gas emissions has fast-tracked the implementation of our innovative low-carbon solutions. This has culminated in the introduction of fully electrified and fuel-free mining equipment options, marking a groundbreaking evolution. Aiming for the remarkable, Liebherr's visionary plan aims to introduce 100% fuel-free equipment by 2030, heralding a transformative era for the sector.

TotalEnergies, on its part, steadfastly dedicated in developing robust lubricants that withstand harsh mining environments without compromising lubricant and machine performances. Our Rubia Works range lower downtime and improve service lengths. We also take pride in developing engine oil with Low SAPS (Sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur), such as Rubia Works 4000 15W-40. With TotalEnergies Rubia Works range performing consistently to equipment builder’s standards, customers realised extended oil drain intervals with optimized equipment performance and higher equipment reliability, as validated through comprehensive testing. With TotalEnergies, we help our partners to reduce Total Cost of Ownership by introducing energy efficient and fuel-saving lubricants, a duty in keeping our earth green.

We appreciate your insights. We extend our best wishes for a successful event and continued success to the Mines Up LLC team.

Answer: Thank you for your kind words. We're excited about the upcoming event and the opportunity to contribute to the industry's growth. Our team is dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in the mining sector, and we look forward to achieving new milestones in the future.