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Mining The Resources
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ATMOR LLC became official distributors for BRUGG Group

ATMOR LLC providing engineering solutions for ventilation, sanitation and piping systems since 2003. With our 20years experience we also introducing new innovations. To pursue our purpose, we signed distribution contract with BRUGG Group. With 4 divisions, 19 production and 32 sales offices,1800 employees of BRUGG Group offered innovative solutions for infrastructures worldwide. Both companies will be participating Build Mongolia 2023 exhibition to introduce 2 products dedicated for the mining industry .

PEXGOL pipe for mining.

Flexible plastic (PEX) pipe for dewatering, service lines, borehols etc


  1. diameters up to 710mm
  2. flexible in coils up to 1’000m, small bending radius
  3. temperature range: - 50°C to + 110°C
  4. low installation time & cost
  5. high resistance to abrasion, UV and impact
  6. no corrosion, no sand embedding
  7. system incl. fittings and design support

MINAX mesh for dynamic surface support

The most economical surface support against rockburst or squeezing ground made of high-tensile steel wire


  1. high capacity - high-tensile steel min. 1770 MPa
  2. protected tunel profile - minimal deformation
  3. very fast installation – manual or mechanized
  4. low weight, easy handling and storage
  5. Knotted ends – minimal overlapping, reducew number of bolts,
  6. High corrosion resistance . long lifetime

For further information please visit our booth and participate in the mining forum at April 20th during the Build Mongolia 2023.

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