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The Mongolian Mining Journal (MMJ), now fifteen years old, was the first bilingual journal to provide information on the Mongolian mining industry. It has won accolades from the very beginning, being named, in 2008, by the Mongolian Journalists` Union as the nation`s best journal. Based on a survey of readers, the Mongolian Journalist’s Union re-presented MMJ with the Best Journal Award in 2012,2016

At present, the MMJ is regularly mentioned at investors conferences as the first source of Mongolian mining and economic news. An experienced team of journalists covers all facets of mining and relevant economic issues. The journal also brings to readers information on mining events and conferences from all over the world

Apart from news and interviews with policy makers and those in the news, every issue of the MMJ carries pieces giving the background to political and economic developments and analyzing their likely impact on the mining sector. The MMJ always seeks the views of professional experts, lawyers, academics, foreign observers and research companies so that all reports are accurate and give divergent views.

The Mongolian Mining Journal is committed to independent journalism and does not seek favours from any company, politician or foreign investor. Our first issue came out at a time of hardship for the Mongolian economy. Now the country’s development trajectory is irreversible, and so is that of our growth.