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J. ZOLJARGAL: A PRODUCTION SHARING AGREEMENT (PSA) MUST BE AMENDED TO EXTRACT METHANE GAS A number of exploration companies have been exploring and researching methane gas for more than five years
B. UYANGA: DETAILED EXPLORATION IS UNDERWAY AT TWO RARE EARTH ELEMENT PROJECTS Training was organized among geologists on applying the classifi cation of mineral deposits. Journalist D. Oyunchimeg used the opportunity
Tender Announcement: Selection of Contractor and Financing Source for First Phase (300 MW) of Tavantolgoi Thermal Power Plant The Tavantolgoi Thermal Power Plant project, managed by "Tavantolgoi Thermal Power Plant" SOLLC, will be implemented in two phases: 300 MW and 150 MW. Currently, we are in the process of selecting a contractor for the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contract with turnkey conditions for the first phase of 300 MW
REFORMING ERDENES MONGOL LLC IS LONG OVERDUE The company has been in operation for 15 years, but during that time the management has changed nine times, and the company’s charter has been revised twice. However, it was...
N. TEGSHBAYAR: OUR TIME FOR URANIUM MINING IS COMING Rare earth elements are becoming an important raw material that is attracting a lot of attention around the world. But so far, the reserves of rare earth elements in our country have not been fully determined, and we cannot even conduct exploration.
Marc Meleard: Mining of uranium deposits will greatly contribute  to Mongolian energy independence By D.Oyunchimeg Interviewed Marc Meleard, executive director of “Badrakh Energy” company about Zuuvch-Ovoo project, the most advanced uranium project in Mongolia.
A good example of supporting employment of people living with disabilities and Diversity and Inclusion Thiess in Mongolia operates with over 290 employees, of which 9 of them are people living with disabilities. By law, business entities with 25 or more employees...
Uncertain future oil  prospects due to the Russia-Ukraine War  The energy sector seems to be the “winner” in the war between Russia and Ukraine. In any case, oil and natural gas producers proudly report record profits for their investors.
ATMOR LLC became official distributors for BRUGG Group ATMOR LLC providing engineering solutions for ventilation, sanitation and piping systems since 2003. With our 20years experience we also introducing new innovations. To pursue our purpose, we signed distribution contract with BRUGG Group. With 4 divisions, 19 production and 32 sales offices,1800 employees of BRUGG Group offered innovative solutions for infrastructures worldwide. Both companies will be participating Build Mongolia 2023 exhibition to introduce 2 products dedicated for the mining industry .
Build Mongolia 2023 Construction, Infrastructure, And Mining Technology Expo will be held on April 19-21 At Steppe Arena Over 100 of the best companies in the industry will be participating in the expo, showcasing their products and services. Ten countries will be represented by companies such as Alternativa LLC, Magna Tires Singapore Pte Ltd, Amperetex from Russia, Zhengzhou Vanguard Machinery Tech Co., Ltd, and Jiangsu Kingertai New Material Technology Co., Ltd from China. The exhibition will also feature the leading international organizations in the field, presenting their products and services through the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Mongolia and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland to Mongolia.
Crypto-Coins and monetary policy There are two ways to get people to act on their own. The first is to encourage or promise them a reward for taking a certain step. The second is to control or punish them based on fear. Crypto-coin investors are affected in both ways. First, there is the naive expectation that the coins they buy will grow and generate huge profits. Some may have even planned an expensive vacation to the tropics. Second, is the fear of being left empty-handed when everyone says you can buy and sell coins and make lots of dollars.
E. Bolormaa: our goal is to become an economically independent aimag Interviewed by J. Saruul E. Bolormaa, Governor of Khovd aimag, discussed local development issues, challenges, solutions, and planned activities.
L. Oyun-Erdene: Eliminating congestion at the border checkpoints will increase export capacity by 2 to 3 times Mongolia’s Prime Minister Luvsannamsrain Oyun-Erdene gave a detailed interview to the Mongolian National Broadcaster (MNB) last night on 19th February about policies implemented and activities planned during his two-year tenure as head of the cabinet. 
President of Mongolia Ukhnaa Khurelsukh worked at the logistics center in Zamyn-Uud soum of Dornogobi aimag On February 14, the President of Mongolia, U. Khurelsukh worked in Zamyn-Uud soum of Dornogobi aimag. It is the main logistics center that handles about 70% of freight and 30% of passenger traffic across the state border and generates 15% of customs revenue. The expansion and modernization of Zamyn-Uud infrastructure is being carried out in cooperation with the People’s Republic of China.The construction of the logistics center’s buildings, facilities and infrastructure began in 2019, and are  91% complete.
Can the Minister of Border Checkpoints revitalise and expand  them? Mongolia's border checkpoints now have a minister in charge of them. This minister does not have her own ministry, office, and even budget. The success or failure of the MPP in the next parliamentary elections will depend on the performance of this minister.
B. Dulguun: Electronic coal trading is piloted successfully The government has approved a temporary regulation for  the open electronic trade of coal for export. This will be effective until the “Law on Mineral Commodity Exchange” comes into force, i.e. until the end of June of this year. During this period, the government has assigned the electronic trading of coal through the Mongolian Stock Exchange, and the Financial Regulatory Commission has been  tasked with overseeing electronic trading.
L.Oyun-Erdene reshuffled his cabinet and promotes his reform policy These are days when the public and the authorities continue searching for “coal thieves”, when the demonstrations declined, when the government appointed new ministers, when the opposition elected a new leader, and when the Parliament closed its autumn session after passing a law that encroached on the freedom of speech of citizens.
Ts. Tumentsogt: Foreign Investment Has Declined Because All Mega Projects Are Under State Control The state budget for 2023 has been approved, and the issue of state-owned enterprise (SOE) governance is at the center of public attention. Journalist of the Mongolian Mining Journal J. Munkhtsetseg spoke with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Mongolian Business Council (MBC) Ts. Tumentsogt about the governance of SOEs, next year’s budget and the business environment
ONE HUNDRED YEARS FILLED WITH PRIDE Mongolia’s mining industry is celebrating its centenary. 25 December each year is a day for celebration for the mining industry and miners. Following the victory of the People’s Revolution and the establishment of a new government, the country’s leaders, declared that underground resources were “the property of all the people”.
Coal is our only fragile hope for the next year The ruling party is arguing internally about “who will own the coal”. Anyone who understands politics realises that the winner of this “war” will not be Mongolia, but some government official or group with self-interest. That the winning side will continue to steal coal is as certain as ever. Xi Jinping, “leader” of the global trade war and chief author of the Wolf Warrior (Xi Defangs the Wolf Warrior) policy, will surely retain his seat while our leaders pursue petty interests by waging an internal “coal war”.
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